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Broilers & Turkeys

Apex Ag-Tek offers ventilation products designed for improved air circulation and litter drying

Commercial Layers & Pullets

Apex Ag-Tek offers ventilation products to meet the challenges found in today's cage-free houses

Our Mission

At Apex Ag-Tek Solutions we focus our efforts on designing and manufacturing AIR INLET and AIR DISTRIBUTION products for poultry and livestock environments. These products are the most important parts of any negative pressure ventilation system because they supply and distribute the fresh air to maintain the optimum environment. This reality is the primary driver of what we do at Apex Ag-Tek Solutions. It is important for our engineers and agricultural specialists to consider the unique aspects of every project including the budget constraints. After the basic requirements are determined the best suited products will be selected. Creating the right system may require modifying a current product and sometimes creating a new one. At Apex Ag-Tek we are very aware that the “optimum” environment will not be achieved UNLESS there are economical products with GREAT VALUE that go into the system. To offer products and systems with great value it will always be important to find that “sweet spot” where low costs intersect with the product benefits that must be realized. And to that end, we will use our refined processes and the right mix of materials to offer cost effective, semi-custom products to fit any ventilation challenge. All of our products are proudly made in the USA creating jobs for the local economy, while providing products to the world's top producers.

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