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LF Series Light Filters 

Two Different Styles

HLF1: Wall Mounted Light Filter (Extends into Room)
HLF2: Inserts into Light Trap/Fan Housing (Flush Inside)

  • Open Style Blade Spacing to Reduce Excessive Light Levels While Allowing Hi-Airflow

  • Super-Tough LFR Composite Light Deflector Blades

  • Easily Assembled Galvanized Steel Support Frame for Simple Installation

  • Easily Removed For Quick Access to the Exhaust Fan/Shutter for Maintenance

HFLF Wall Mount Render cropped.jpg

HLF1: Hi-Flow Wall Mount In Front of Exhaust Fan Shutter 

HFLF Render (2) cropped.jpg

HLF2: Hi-Flow Insert Into Extended Light Trap/Fan Housing

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